>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

When I was fairly new to my faith, the word "legalism" was quickly brought to my attention. I was hanging out with some people when one of the participants told an off color joke. It was one of the awkward moments when most Christians would give the chuckle followed by the statement, "that was funny" (ps. when someone says "that was funny" as opposed to actually laughing, they really don't believe what they say). However, feeling extra spicy that day, I did not respond. It was here that I was labeled a legalist by Mr.Funnyman, which came as a punch to the face to Mr.CoolChristian (thats me). This bothered me greatly because I didn't know how to explain myself although I felt that I did nothing wrong.

Anyways, I read an article on the topic today and it rocked my world. Check it out at:

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