>> Monday, January 5, 2009

I originally began to follow Christ because He offered purpose to my purposeless life, and it wasn't until later that I heard and submitted to the gospel. I've found that since then, I am unable to be satisfied with destinationless living (yeah, destinationless isn't a word, but it should be). My actions must be directed to some concrete end or I find that I won't be consistent in carrying them out to completion. I am, very naturally, a distracted person.

Broadly speaking, all who are Christs are being "conformed to the image of His Son". We are called to imitate Christ and renounce what is evil. We are called to feast on his word and to pray continuously. But, practically speaking, are your actions really motivated by an end goal or has the end been drowned out by stuff?

My resolution, which I trust will fail without God's help, is to passionatly pursue what God calls me to while vigilantly denying that which would distract me, even if it be a "good" thing.

So, now its question time:

Whats God calling you to? What actions of yours are not helpful in reaching these ends? What actions are helpful?


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