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Let me be frank here, theology and words such as sanctification and penal substitutionary atonement are things I run to, not run away from. But let me also be honest and say that i'm not necessarily normal and don't accuratly represent the average person.

However, i'd encourage anybody to read books, primarily your bible, and old dead theologians. Now, anyone who knew me my Freshman through Junior years of college knows that I feasted almost entirely on old dead guys who, in all reality, discipled me. This was GREAT (notice the caps-lock emphasis!) in many respects, and in some ways lacking:

The Bad

  • They couldn't individually address and attack contemporary issues such as internet pornography, clothing, ipods, television, video games, etc. etc.
  • They didn't always practically address horizontal relationships, meaning they talked almost exclusively on God vs Man issues leaving out Man vs Man issues.

The GREAT (look at dem caps)

  • Their books/sermons are still read today for a reason. They have withstood the test of time. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is known as the Prince of Preachers for a reason.
  • They speak of a devotion that makes you different, they call you to a life thats not easy. Basically, they set the bar WAY high, up where Jesus does. (You must hate your father, mother, daughter, son, even your own life)
  • They lived in a time with a lot less distractions. They spoke as men who had a single eye, fixed on a single savior.
  • They are not seeker-sensitive at all. They are almost seeker-insensitive, which is freakin cool.
  • They spoke more on God vs Man issues than anything else. Which is more important than the alternative.

A pastor could preach from the pulpit all day long for me to love my enemies. He could give me numerous examples of how I can flesh it out in everyday life. He could show me movie clips of some guy blessing those who cursed him. He could even give me a chart and a power point presentation on the 6 steps to loving your enemies. But until I believe the truth that "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" I will not love anyone who wrongs me. The more I believe, the more I have power to do. This is why we should all be theologians, because it is the truth that sets us free.

So in conclusion, I urge you to stop saying "I'm a christian, but I hate reading theological books". Instead, go buy some John Calvin and Charles Spurgeon, maybe even some Jonathan Edwards if you feel crazy. They might not be as easy of a read as Harry Potter or Blue Like Jazz, but I guarantee that they will be beneficial to your walk with Jesus.


Kent February 12, 2009 at 6:26 PM  

If you find yourself getting bogged down, try the electronic edition. For example, Logos Bible Software just released a massive collection of Spurgeon's works, all searchable and tagged to Scripture. Thought you might be interested:

Charles Spurgeon Collection (78 Vols.)

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