When Sinners Say I Do, by Dave Harvey

>> Friday, February 27, 2009

You may be asking yourself, "Why the butt did Mark read a book about marriage?"

My response, "shutup."

So now that all your judgements on my motives are done with, lets get on with my first ever ibuildroads book review post.

Simply put, this book ROCKS.  In my 4 years of walking with Christ, I've read a few books on relationships and have on each occasion walked away thoroughly disappointed.  This book, however, is a diamond in the rough so-to-speak.

My problem with relationship books is the fact that they almost always talk about extra-biblical crap.  The topics here can range from whether you should kiss when dating to who should change the baby's diapers.  

Whats the problem with this?  I'm glad you asked...The problem with this is that it teaches a person to obey a set of rules of which they can't obey.  Love my wife, forgive her always, be patient with her, serve her with all my heart, be compassionate to her when shes upset, continually pursue her, etc etc etc.  Yeah, thats all good and stuff, but before i'm going to do all that jazz, tell me HOW?!

Well, this book-as you can tell from the title-is different than most.  The whole book tries to get across one point and one point only: you are a sinful person, and you have either already married, or will one day marry, a sinful person.  Dave Harvey speaks from experience on the difficulties of relationships and the BEAUTY that can be seen in a God glorifying, Grace-filled marriage. 

If you feel called to marriage, are in a dating relationship, are married, have friends, talk with people occasionally, or live in a box down by the river but somehow learned how to read, then i'd recommend this book to you.


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