Why I didn't Post this week

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's the story:

The week before last, our jobsite lost electricity due to the ridiculous ice-storm. We had electricians come out and they got it fixed that saturday, but they turned down the heat in all three trailers on the project. When everyone came back monday, all the heat and lights and computers were turned back on (at about the same time) and the electric feed from the transformer literally burned through (as in visible fire) and also charred up the cable line. SO, we were without cable on monday.

This means that I didn't have cable at all because I don't have internet or cable at my apartment. WELL, the cable guys are poopin their pants and still haven't made it out to our project, so we were w/out internet all week.

SO, please forgive me for lack of posts.


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